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Kidney Support & Bladder Cleanse Tea

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Learn how our Kidney Cleanse tea can help your bladder today


With a blend of 100% all-natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients, our detox tea is the best bladder support you could ask. It works with your overall body yet contains herbs each of which has a specific function to support bladder and kidney problems.

Ingredients: Organic cleavers herb, Organic shave grass herb, Organic couch grass root, Organic corn silk, Organic juniper berry, Organic parsley root

Each herb in our kidney cleanse tea blend has been carefully chosen for its unique health properties.

Cleavers Herb and Parsley root have diuretic properties that help in the elimination of excess water from the body thus reducing bloating.

Shavegrass herb is beneficial for patients suffering from nocturnal incontinence (bed-wetting), bladder and urinary tract infections and weakened bladder.

Couch grass root is traditionally used to treat kidney stones and urinary problems.

Corn silk helps reduce irritants that can lead to urinary tract infections.

Juniper berry is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

We ask you to respect your body, eat healthily and couple it with our kidney cleanse tea for best results. Teatox Life's bladder support tea is perfectly safe for daily use. In fact, is recommended that you consume the tea at least once a day. With herbal grass-root scent, this organic herbal tea is best served with lemon to squeeze and honey to taste.

Our Kidney Cleanse Herbal Tea helps to:

  • Detox Kidney
  • Cleanse inner bladder walls
  • Contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties
  • Eases painful urination
  • Reduce irritation in the urinary tract
  • Restores balance in the body

How to make Herbal Kidney Tea?

  • Bring 6oz to 8oz of water to boil
  • Add 1 heaping teaspoon of herbal tea blend to the water
  • Steep tea for 3-10 minutes depending on flavor profile sought
  • Use strainer to filter herbs
  • Add lemon and honey
  • Enjoy a lovely healthy brew!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA!

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Kidney Support & Bladder Cleanse Tea

$ 24.99 $ 39.99


Customer Reviews

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Best tea ever

I can smell and taste the herbs it is wonderful

Kidney & Bladder cleanse tea

Love this tea, not only is it beneficial, it tastes great

Great taste., and fantastic health benefits

The best part about this tea is in all of the health benefits that it has. It is simply the taste. I am a Tea connoisseur of sorts, and I'm absolutely in love with everything about this. You may not see the benefits right away, but you can sip away knowing that you are drinking to a healthier, better you. I love caffeine, which this tea does not have. But it's probably better that way anyways, because that makes this Tea perfect for before bed. #teatoxlife

Very Good Tasting!

My wife has been complaining of kidney issues as of late and pretty much the only thing we have not tried to help elevate her kidney pain is some tea (My wife is not a huge tea drinker).

-The taste of this tea is very nice and doesn't need much honey if any at all which is a big plus.
-The tea quality seems very nice and the smell is so GOOD!

With an herbal infusion of Cleavers Herb, Shavegrass, Couchgrass Root, Cornsilk, Juniper Berry and Parsley Root.
You are getting a tea packed with loads of nutrients and antioxidants.

Highly Recommended!

Kidney & Bladder Detox.

The taste of this tea is so amazing. I got some of this for my father a while back and I must admit, I am so glad I did.
This tea helps detox the bladder and kidneys, which is beneficial for a healthy body.
With an herbal infusion of Cleavers Herb, Shavegrass, Couchgrass Root, Cornsilk, Juniper Berry and Parsley Root.
You are getting a tea packed with loads of nutrients and antioxidants.
Drinking it daily will ensure better health benefits for you, reduce painful urination and decrease irritation in the urinary tract.
Made in the USA, Being Caffeine Free and 100% Natural and Organic.
I am in love!!
I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone!

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