Stress, Anxiety & Sleep

Stay stress free with your favorite beverage served piping hot!

"What human beings suffer is their extraordinary sense of memory and their vivid sense of imagination" - Sadhguru

Running a 9 to 5 schedule everyday, mounting job pressure at office and looking after the constantly growing needs of a family can be very stressful. We get you. Often we get into this stress cycle that makes us anxious about tomorrow that we forget to live today. Stress leads to anxiety and this leads to unnecessary pressure build up. Let Teatoxlife’s stress relief tea sleepytime tea, release your soul and senses from the office clockwork schedule and help you become more relaxed and productive. With a collection of herbal teas, made with unique blend of organic or natural ingredients, you can unwind into a healthier, anxiety free you, one sip at a time. Presenting the best natural anxiety and stress relief solution - Tea for anxiety management. Our “Stress & Anxiety Relief Tea Blend”, is a perfect herbal blend of ingredients such as Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rosepetals, Peppermint, Orange Peel, Papaya Leaf and Ginger Root. Anxiety remedies just got a whole lot natural and manageable with our unique blends from Teatox Life.

You might also want to consider making our Goodnight Sleep Tea a gift to a workaholic neighbor, office coworker or a friend that is struggling with insomnia or struggling to sleep. Regular and quality sleep cycles are an important part of wellness. In our grind to make it through the day and prepare ourselves anxiously for the next day, we tend to compromise on our sleep. A lot of health issues especially related to the heart, memory and motor abilities is a direct consequence of lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits. It becomes imperative to restore and boost deep sleep cycle. The Herbal Sleep Support Tea comes in a freshness sealed reusable zip lock pouch with 100% natural ingredients. Each cup of the tasty brew is truly a sip of wellness and health. Whether you are on the lookout for constipation relief tea, best remedy for PCOS or Elderberry Tea to boost immunity during this Covid-19 crisis, you will surely find a brew from the stables of Teatox Life USA.

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The United States runs on coffee. Well not the healthiest, but it certainly get us moving. A beverage that gets most American minds up and active every morning may need to be coupled with an enhanced touch of health and restorative ability in bespoke brews from the best herbal tea store online in USA . Teatox your way to a healthier life with our herbal tea for colon cleanse. Often women go through significant hormonal changes in the body owing to stress and other factors, which can take a significant toll on their body. PCOS and PCOD can lead to irregular periods, acne and obesity in women. Counter the same with healthier lifestyle choices such as choosing the Women Pregnancy & Fertility Tea over your regular brews. Even if you aren’t targeting any particular health issue and seek to maintain an overall healthy profile, switch to the Roasted Dandelion Root tea with Chicory as an excellent alternative to your morning coffee to keep you going, all without the addiction to caffeine. Blended with Chicory, it makes for the perfect coffee substitute for health-conscious folks who wish to give a power start to their day! Supplement your brew with a healthy balanced diet to enjoy enhanced benefits. Who says that natural detox and clean products don’t taste great? You are in for a tasty surprise, with a rich taste of organic peppermint in each sip of our unique blends. So make the healthier choice today and keep hustling America!