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Can I Drink Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy?

By :Imran Abbasi 0 comments
Can I Drink Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy?

Dandelions are well-known for their medicinal and health benefits, but is dandelion tea suggested in pregnancy? There are certain factors one must consider before taking this herbal tea. However, pregnancy is a completely different phase of life. You must understand if it can cause any complications or does it benefit.

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Tea is a very common drink worldwide, and most of the women like to have tea during pregnancy. Some people consume tea for relaxation or to meet the raised fluid needs of pregnancy. Although, few people use herbal teas as a tonic to prepare for childbirth in the last days of pregnancy. Many pregnant women think that it is safe to drink tea during pregnancy. In reality, women could benefit from limiting their intake of particular teas, or entirely keeping them during their pregnancy.

Reduce your uptake of caffeinated teas like black, green, white, macha, and chai as all these have natural stimulants.

If you actually are a tea lover, you may be curious to know whether to drink tea during pregnancy or not. You may search for healthy teas to consume it during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers think twice about consuming caffeinated teas, as it should not harm the baby.

So, what teas are safe to drink during pregnancy? Yes, there are many herbal teas to drink during pregnancy, which are safe and also provide additional benefits.

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Dandelion tea is a familiar herbal tea with many health benefits. Although, it's not a wise decision to consume without any knowledge of it during pregnancy because it may lead to complications. Here, go through the benefits of dandelion tea during pregnancy and check whether it’s safe for pregnant women.


What Is Dandelion Tea?

Dandelion is an herb local to Europe. It also grows throughout the northern hemisphere. Regularly, the above-ground parts of the herb are used on a medicinal basis. It helps in relieving many health conditions like kidney, bladder, tonsils, etc., but there is no proof that supports these benefits. It is claimed to overcome appetite, gallstones, upset stomach, joint pains, muscle pains, etc. In many cultures, people use it to get healthy skin and for speedy digestion.


Dandelion tea acts as a diuretic, and it raises your urine output. Dandelion is considered a liver tonic in folk medicine because it increases the flow of bile. Naturopaths think that dandelion root tea might help in detoxifying the liver and keeps away all the skin and eye problems.


Is It Safe To Drink Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy?

Specialists say that consuming dandelion tea in moderate quantities is not bad for health. Pregnant women can drink this tea only once in a day; anyway, moderation is quite significant here. Stop drinking dandelion tea if you notice any allergic reactions while you are pregnant, as it leads to many health complications.

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Though all herbal teas are natural, not all herbal teas are safe to drink during pregnancy. The Food Development Authority suggests pregnant women reduce herbal products or teas without the permission of health care professionals. So, preferably you should not consume dandelion tea during pregnancy. Although, if you want to drink it, talk to your trained and experienced herbalist first.

As it is a good source of folic acid, is consuming dandelion tea safe? Unfortunately, experts are also in confusion about whether dandelion tea is safe or not during pregnancy. For these reasons, it is best to avoid it in pregnancy.

Yet, dandelion tea has high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. But still, if you want to try, have dandelion tea in moderation. Stop it if you experience any symptoms of a threat to your health.

As your pregnancy advances, the weight of the baby and the uterus can literally cause the vessels in your pelvis to become packed. This directs to edema, which could make your pregnancy still more unbearable. As dandelion tea acts as a diuretic, it reduces the edema in your lower limbs. Dandelion tea literally could help you relieve edema by acting as a gentle diuretic. Although pregnant women use the toilet frequently, they do not want to rush so often by drinking dandelion tea.

Consuming a cup of dandelion tea is not bad, but avoid drinking too much of it. Safety matters the most, so take care of your health properly by following a few guidelines.

If you are worried about having side effects by drinking dandelion tea, immediately stop it. Although, if you have started drinking dandelion tea for a while and surprisingly you found that you are pregnant, don't worry because it doesn't induce labor, and it could help your baby and you with some of the benefits.

 Dandelion Tea Benefit

Uses Of Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy

Vitamin A is highly found in Dandelion. It is iron, potassium, and calcium and also an amazing source of folic acid; folic acid is essential during pregnancy. The leaf aids in nourishing the liver and also aids in treating anemia. If you wish to use these leaves for tea purposes, see that it is free from pesticides and herbicides. Some of the uses of dandelion tea are:


  • It lessens water weight, so an individual is free from bloating sensation. It acts as a diuretic, which increases your urine output.
  • It is regarded as a kidney tonic and is gentle to the digestive system. Pregnant women suffer from constipation, so consuming one cup of dandelion tea might help you in easing your digestive problem.
  • It boosts liver health by eliminating all toxins from the body and cleanses the liver. It also diminishes the symptoms of liver disorders.
  • It is a good alternative to coffee. It can be savored as a hot drink when you prepare it by yourself.
  • Dandelion leaf tea during pregnancy is said to have anti-cancer properties. The possible anti-carcinogenic factors have been surveyed, but investigations are not unquestionable.
  • If you have morning sickness in your pregnancy, dandelion tea could help you relieve nausea and vomiting. If ginger tea is not working for you, dandelion tea could help you from loss of appetite and nausea.
  • Dandelion leaf tea is an earthy tea, which aids in the relaxation of your body, and you will get most of the benefits by consuming it from the nutrients present in dandelion tea. It also benefits your baby.

With so many benefits, you may want to include dandelion tea to your diet immediately but talk with your doctor to check for contraindications.

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