• Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder
  • Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder
  • Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder
  • Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder
  • Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder
  • Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder

Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder

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Learn how our Kindey Detox Powder helps with your urinary tract health

Ingredients: USDA Organic Queen of Meadow / Meadow Sweet Powder

Active ingredients in meadow sweet powder helps to reduce urinary leaks, irritation while fighting bacteria reducing inflammation and getting rid of excess uric acid. 

Queen of meadow is an ancient herb that has for ages been used for urinary tract health. While modern science lives off capsules and medicines, mother nature has provided us herbs for our wellness for every part of our body.

Meadow sweet is also known to soothe genito-urinary tissues and promotes healthy kidney function by supporting body's natural detoxification process through kidney flush cleanse and removal of wastes and toxins from our body.

What is a kidney cleanse for?

Kidney Cleanse is used for eliminating toxins that accumulate in the kidneys. Our kidney cleanse and detox powder contains meadowsweet, a herb that have been used for kidney and urinary tract health for hundreds of years. Cleanse your kidneys helps to improve urine flow, eliminate toxins and improve overall function.

Why are Kidneys so important to cleanse?

Kidneys are essential organs that help balance body fluids, regulate blood pressure and form urine to help natural body balance. The amount of toxins in our body keeps increasing due to our unhealthy diet. It is the job of kidneys to serve as natural filters of blood, eliminating waste and toxins from our body. But it is our job to support kidneys function effectively with healthy diet, balanced food with fiber and protein and some exercise. If toxins are not eliminated properly, they start to build up in the kidneys and this may lead to several health issues. Take action now for a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Kidney Cleanse Powder from Teatox Life

- Helps detox bladder and kidney

- Helps clear the inside wall of bladder

- Anti-oxidant and anti-microbial ingredients for multi-function

- Eases painful urination and enhances bladder control

- Reduce irritation in urinary tract

- 100% caffeine free vegan herbal blend with natural ingredient

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Kidney Detox Meadow Sweet powder

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