About Us

Our Story

At Teatoxlife we understand  and appreciate that a healthy body and mind, leads to a healthy life. We are passionate about creating unique blends and extraordinarily products right from the lap of nature that can truly make a difference in your life. In a world of synthetic products, we wish to help you enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle just as intended by mother nature.

Our products contain all natural ingredients carefully selected by us and made right here in the United States of America with ingredients sourced locally and internationally. Our products come with finest quality and are packaged in certified packaging facilities adhering to the highest quality standards. 


Our Mission

We at Teatox Life, believe, a healthy life is beyond just weight loss. Thus our unique blend of products support not just your long term  weight loss goals but also in having a healthy liver and body. We have made it our mission to look beyond the shape of our body and understand the benefits of healthy eating habits coupled with simple and effective exercise routine.


Product Philosophy

We at Teatoxlife are extremely passionate about what we do that we superceed customer expectations most times. We are confident that our products give you the best experience that we back it with a 30 day money back guarantee

To ensure we have a balance of natural healthy ingredients, we are extremely selective about what goes into our products. What we ingest should not be left to chance. Where possible, we always use USDA Certified Organic ingredients to adhere to the highest quality standards the country has to offer.

If you think natural detox and cleans products cannot be delicious, think again. With a rich taste of organic peppermint, our customers swear by our detox tea being best tasting tea in the market.


Your Wellness Journey

In today's world, healthy living is a journey. It requires us to transform the way we live to ways we are meant to live. We will do all we can to help our customers and patrons beyond just detox and weight loss. If you are yet to take your first step with us, do it now and we will stand by you through your journey. 

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Thank you in advance for making teatox life a part of your wellness journey!

*Please note that detox results aren't typical and vary from person to person

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