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Bloating relief digestion tea

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 Learn About The Astonishing Power of Natural Digestion Tea for Gas!


As one of the most natural digestive enzyme formulae, our tea enhances intestines absorption capacity and supports proper digestion to digest food easily

Plant-based tea blend that helps with gluten digestion to improve overall digestion and immune health

Become indigestion, bloating and gas free by digesting the difficult to digest food. Our tea also helps keeps heartburn away

Supports treat digestive system to promote immune system health and healthy regularity. The tea is easy to consume and swallow and gets quickly absorbed into your system

All natural ingredients that include peppermint, ginger, orange peel, fennel, lemon balm, chamomile, rose petals and papaya leaf

Natural Herbs for Digestion, Health, & Comfort from Teatox Life

Our Digestive Stimulator support tea consists of powerful herbs, all known for their ability to provide digestive support. Restore regularity to your digestive system with our herbal ingredients for a smooth and cleansing stomach.


Digestive stimulator support tea is designed to work safely with our skinny tea cleanse with herbal ingredients that encourage easy, natural bowel movements. This makes our herbal digestive stimulator support tea an excellent way to normalize your digestive action either during one of our all-natural cleanses, as a daily supplement to promote regularity or as a "kick-start" when you need it.

Try our digestive stimulator support tea - an excellent all natural herbal tea with ingredients designed to work synergistically similar to other Colon & Internal Cleanses or as a supplement promoting healthy, regular digestion and evacuation.


Our bloating relief tea includes 

Rose petals help soothe ailing stomach by reducing nausea, lessening hyperacidity and healing stomach ulcers. Rose petal preserves can boost the immune system to fight respiratory infections and prevent colds.

Peppermint and Ginger are exceptionally beneficial for the digestive system and help alleviate problems like bloating, stomach gas and flatulence

It is believed that compounds present within lemon balms helps relax muscles particularly in bladder and stomach which both are impacted by the digestive process

Chamomile as a wild flower is known to help ease pain associated with digestive disorders and papaya leaf in tea at limited quantities helps reduce the oxalic acid content of the urine presumably reducing formation of kidney stones

In India, fennel seeds are a popular "after meal chew" as fennel seeds not only stimulate the digestive process with its compounds but also acts as natural mouth freshner

Orange peel is known for its anti-inflamatory properties and helps with gastro-intestinal problems like heartburns, diarrhea and in some cases acidity and acid reflex


Benefits of gas relief digestion tea

Our Digestion Support Tea helps in dealing with various functional gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease, which are symptoms of stomach bloating.

Our Digestion Tea helps in the elimination of body fluids stored around the body, including near the pelvis area, which cause excess bloating and temporary weight gain.

Our anti-gas Tea stops your body from experiencing constipation by eliminating stool from your intestines, and relieving you of discomfort and gas.

Our Digestion Tea is one of the best teas for gas as it reduces high levels of abnormal bacteria living in the digestive tract, usually in the bowel, where they can usually accumulate after taking antibiotics or due to inflammation and poor digestion.

Our Digestion Support Tea helps in keeping hormonal changes from creating bloating conditions in your body system, such as having a bloated stomach before or during or after your menstrual cycles.


    How to make Digestion Gas relief tea?

     - Bring 6oz-8oz of water to boil (212 degree farenheit)

    - Add 1 heaping tea spoon of herbal tea blend to water*

    - Steep tea blend for 4-8 minutes depending on flavor sought

    - Use strainer to filter herbs

    - Add lemon and honey to enjoy the tea

    *Be sure not to boil herbs or it may turn it into a bitter tea


    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Bloating relief digestion tea

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    Very aromatic

    Digestion Support, Anti-Gas and Anti-Bloating Tea is very aromatic. It's got nice sized tea pieces and aren't just dust like so many other teas. To me the tea isn't overly strong at all, but I drink my tea without any sweetener. It has a refreshing flavor and I like it. If I'm going to drink a tea, I want one with health benefits like this one.

    Bloat be gone!!

    I recently had a baby and body is out of whack! My digestive system suffered tremendously at the end and I needed a nudge in the right direction. I have a tea steeper for loose tea like these. The flavor is one to get use to but not horrible. Sometimes with stronger teas I steep them and then chill them. I found that it's easier for me drink them chilled with a lemon wedge. Anyway it definitely helped remove bloat and move my digestion along. I highly recommend.

    *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. My opinions are my own and truthful.

    Very impressed

    I was a little skeptic at first to try this out, but I am pleased that I did. The tea itself is very fresh and elegant, if that would be a good word to use. It's not thrown together pieces of 'tea' that you can't really make a difference between the ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, everything flows together so smoothly with nothing overpowering the other. It's sweet without being overbearing, and smooth enough to enjoy drinking. Even the smell when it's brewing is delightful. As for it's use, I wanted it for the anti bloat. Needless to say it really delivers. I do drink it after meals as it is the "ideal post meal companion". It is loose leaf, something I just recently got into, but it's just as easy to make as something in a bag. All in all, this is a very enjoyable experience to get to try this, and I will definitely purchase more in the future. For a detox tea, it's much calmer on the body than is it's competitors. The reason it isn't five stars is because I am currently testing shelf life. It does come in an airtight bag, but we all know that doesn't equal freshness. However, I am positive that it will excel in this department as well.

    disclaimer: I received heavily discounted or free in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own and not influenced by the company.

    This is one of the best!

    I am a tea drinker. I love the health benefits and flavors. Teatox digestion support tea is one of my favorites right now. The ingredients look and taste fresh with rich vibrant colors straight out of the bag. The herbs are loose so you need to steep in a tea ball/ infuser/ or steeper. The subtle sweetness of peppermint is delicious as I wind down from a busy day in my PJs with my husband. This tea has no caffeine which is perfect for me at bedtime. I really do find it very relaxing and similar to a sleepytime type tea. I honestly have had several good nights of sleep in a row (and I am a huge insomniac) coincidentally or not since starting to drink this tea in the evening. I highly recommend!