Top 10 Signs That Liver Detox Is Working

The liver is known as the human body'snatural detoxifier as it decontaminates the body and it is the largest organ in our body.

A healthy liver can successfully detoxify anything that a person eats. However, an ailing liver obstructs the body's performance to eliminate the toxins for the healthy functioning of organs.
Excessive alcohol consumption, lifestyle changes, family history, and unhealthy diet can result in a higher risk of fatty liver and even liver damage.

This is where the idea of detox comes into the picture stating that you need to detox your liver. 

It is easy to see how liver function can be effected through various problems like inflammation, hepatitis, or fatty liver.


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(regular detoxification can keep your liver healthy)

Even though our liver is resilient in most cases, negligence towards it can cause a serious interruption in liver functioning. Regular liver detoxification and a detox diet can keep you in good health.


1. How Does the Liver get Congested?

In our fast-paced lifestyle, we often end up ignoring our failing health signs and consume alcohol regularly.
Toxic substances are on the rise in our bodies due to unhealthy lifestyles and the pollutants in the environment.
Many other contaminants are formed in our body itself in the form of by-products like ammonia and lactic acid. Thus, it is vital to stick to a healthy diet and follow a regular exercise regime. 

four clear stemless glass filled with alcohol


(alcohol can damage your liver)

There are certain foods that we consume that cause liver disease without us realising it.


1.1. Sugar

Sugar just isn't bad for your dental hygiene but it can causeliver problems as well.
The liver processes fructose to make fat and heavy consumption of sugar can cause fat buildup which can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Sugar is also a primary component in many processed foods and it can severely hamper liver health and cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

1.2. Herbal Supplements

There is a reason why doctors advise you to consult before consuming any medicinal product.
Even though herbal supplements scream natural, they may not be suitable for your body.
Many countries have banned the herbs which cause abdominal pain, hepatitis, and even liver cancer.
Not only that but in the name of liver cleanse and detox, people end up consuming toxins that can cause chronic liver disease.
Therefore, always be on the safe side and consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

1.3. Obesity

Weight gain and obesity can lead to extra fat build-up in the liver cells leading to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This is why it is advised to lose weight to prevent congestion in the liver. If you have diabetes and blood pressure along with obesity, you are at serious risk. Thus, indulging in an healthy lifestyle is the key. 

1.4. Prescription Medications

We are in the habit of taking pain relievers for common problems like headaches, sore backs, or a cold. Most of the pain relievers contain acetaminophen which is incredibly harmful to your liver. It becomes very difficult to keep our liver healthy after it has reached a certain point of congestion.

1.3. Trans Fats

These are man-made fats found in most processed foods and you can check the ingredients list to find trans fats being listed as "partially hydrogenated" which means there are hydrogenated oils present in the food. Trans fats can make you gain weight very fast and can hamper your well being.

1.4. Alcohol

Last but not the least, it is not a hidden fact that alcohol isvery harmful to the liver. Alcohol can release toxins into your system by destroying the detoxification method. Excessive drinking can take a toll on the liver and people who drink alcohol regularly can develop alcoholic fatty liver disease, acute alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis. According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, the standard for men is two drinks per day, and for women, it is one drink per day.

Avoiding alcohol directly translates to good liver health, and you can avoid any liver damage that comes with it. It is vital to create good lifestyle habits for your body.

2. What is a Liver Detox?

Our body gets rid of toxins build up in our tissues, fat, and joints through the complex filtration system of kidneys and liver. A  detox ora liver cleanse is aimed at supporting this natural process.

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(detoxification through natural remedies has taken the world by a storm)

There are a large number of detox and cleansing trends growing on social media now. When it comes to the body's natural detox mechanism, the ability to do so varies from person to person and this depends on the integrative health of the individual.
Supporting your body's natural mechanism can help it flush toxins and regulate the hormonal and fluid balance efficiently.
To improve liver function,  liver detox for weight loss can be achieved through our healthy habits and dietary supplements.

3. Common Liver Detox Methods

3.1. Detox Water

You don’t really need a reason to drink lemonade. The goodness of lemon coupled with the freshness of mint makes it the best summer drink. It is the most delicious cleanse that you can treat yourself with. Lemonade is your cool companion, and it can be consumed at any time of the day.

two glasses filled with beverages


(detox water is a great way to add taste into your regular water)

Cucumber and Mint

Mint has medicinal benefits and its freshness quotient makes it a good addition to your summer drinks. Mint aids in digestion, soothes an upset stomach, and improves the production of bile. Mint coupled with cucumber provides respite to the liver and gives you a fresh feeling in the summer heat.

Ginger Litchi Lemonade 

Even though Ginger is a medicinal herb, it can act as a summer cooler and agreat detoxifier. Litchi has antioxidant properties and can aid in liver detox, and when these two ingredients are coupled with lemon, this recipe gives a fantastic cleanse to your liver.

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper detox

This healthy detox water relies only on lime juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. This drink will spur your immune system into detox mode and will boost your digestive system and detox process. If you are prone to acid reflux or gastric ulcers, this is the ultimate drink for your intestinal tract.

3.2. Herbs and Spices

stainless steel bottle with sliced lemon and giner


(Ginger is a medicinal herb and can work wonders for the liver)

Milk Thistle:
Milk thistle has liver cleansing properties and antioxidant effects that promote liver regeneration, reduces inflammation, helps with a damaged liver, and enhances the quality of life. Milk thistle can be used in food and tea.
 Milk thistle for liver detoxwill depend upon the required amount of dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Ginseng: Ginseng is known to have antioxidant effects that protect against liver injury, improve liver function, and reduces fatigue and inflammation.

Green tea: Green tea can help you lose weight and it can also help in reducing liver damage, fat deposits, and protects against liver cancer and hepatitis.

Turmeric: Turmeric is also known as a super spice which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-cancer properties. It is found to reduce fat content in the liver, inflammation, and bad cholesterol.

Garlic:Garlic is a medicinal spice that has anti-inflammatory compounds like allicin, alliin, and ajoene. It can also reduce fat accumulation, liver injury, and cancer.

Ginger: Ginger is also a spice that helps in reducing bad cholesterol, blood sugar level, inflammation, fat accumulation in the liver, protects against cell damage and toxins like alcohol.

Licorice: Licorice has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and liver-protective properties.

Danshen: Danshen herb protects against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, promotes tissue regeneration, and helps in treating liver fibrosis.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba is an Asian herb that reduces fibrosis, enhances liver function, and aids in liver injury.

Astragalus: Astragalus is found to have therapeutic properties that protect against liver damage, liver fibrosis, and eliminates fat deposits in the body.

These herbs and spices can be used as dietary supplements in your regular diet. By consuming them regularly, you can have an effective cleanse in your liver.

3.3. Herbal Teas

tea cups full of herbal tea for signs of liver detox working


(Teas are amazing for your health)


Chamomile Tea: This herbal tea acts as an antioxidant and helps in relieving stress and improving sleep patterns. The goodness ofchamomile tea acts as a perfect cleanse for your liver and calms the inflamed tissues. Boiling the water with chamomile flowers is the only thing you need to do for your good health. You need to drink it for a minimum of two weeks to see reduced symptoms.

Ginger and Lemon tea: It is a classic tea with a blend of ginger and lemon that detoxifies the liver and boosts metabolism. This concoction can be prepared by adding a slice of ginger and the juice of half a lemon to a glass of boiling water.

Mint tea: Mint is packed with essential oils like menthol and menthone and mint has pathogenic bacteria to keep you healthy. All you have to do is steep the mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for a while and you will have your healthy food ready.

Hibiscus tea: The main ingredients of this tea are Hibiscus, Cloves, and Star Anise and it is packed with natural enzymes to boost your detox process. You can add more herbs into the mix like blood orange, cinnamon, allspice, and even honey to sweeten the spiced flavour. 

Dandelion tea: 

 Dandelion tea for fatty liver is one of the most perfect ways for the detoxification process.
It also works on gallbladder detox and dandelion coupled with turmeric and ginger provides the necessary antioxidants.

Instead of dandelion greens, you need to use the flowers to make this drink.Dandelion also protects and repairs the cells.

It is vital to consume these teas in limited quantities and then continue on a daily scale. This is because there can be liver cleanse tea side effects and one should be cautious. In addition, once the tea is safe for you, it is a good going.


4. Signs That Liver Detox is Working

In today's world, there are various things that can cause serious diseases in our body as it is exposed to environmental toxins, unhealthy lifestyle choices, heavy metals, lack of sleep, and physiological stress.
Even though our liver is well-equipped to handle the detoxification process, giving it a helping hand through self care can result in a neat liver function and good overall health.

Cooked food on a ceramic plate


(A healthy diet is necessary for good health)

So how are you supposed to know that the method of detox and cleanse you have adopted is working? Here are some signs that liver detox is working.

More Energy

Your thyroid gland regulates the metabolism which gives you energy and it acts up when you have too many toxic substances in your bloodstream.
You are bound to feel a blast of energy after you subject your body to a healthy lifestyle.
As you introduce more and more juices,  liver detox smoothies, herbal teas, and cruciferous vegetables to your diet and remove packaged foods, sugar, caffeine, and salt, you will  naturally cleanse your liver of the toxins that have been accumulated over a long period of time. Introducing healthy food can also aid in weight loss and leave you feeling energised.

Clear Skin

The proof of accumulated waste products in our bodies can be seen through various means. One of the most common symptoms of this is skin problems. Acne and pimples are not only prone to teenagers, but they are also common among adults. While drinking plenty of water can lead to clear skin, it is also essential to avoid radicals and heavy metals. A clear skin that is free of acne, dryness, and blotchy patches is a sign of your detox working and keeping the liver healthy. You can combine this regime with a skincare routine for softer and healthier skin.

Better Digestion

Even our digestive system shows its own  detoxing symptoms  but all our organs work in tandem. Therefore, some of the signs of your cleanse working are proper bowel movements, reduced bloating, and a regular menstruation cycle. It is recommended to consume a diet ofhigh fiber foods to support a healthier and regular digestive process. Thus, it is the right choice for liver cleanse bloating.

Reduced Inflammation

Some of the indications of inflammation throughout the body can be found in joints and muscles. When the joints and muscle pain occur for no good reason, you will know that you are suffering from inflammation which could be due to liver damage. This is exacerbated by toxic buildup in the tissues and if you feel that they are reduced after detox, you will know that it is working.

Improved Mood

When you feel better physically and mentally after taking care of yourself, your mood is lifted and your mental state improves. A detox regime also improves your sleeping pattern which in turn clears the toxins from your brain. The brain supports a healthier mood and this makes you feel lighter and happier. If you are feeling relaxed both physically and mentally, you know that your detox is working.

Weight Loss

When you are cutting down toxic substances from your food and water and start eating foods that enhance your ability to function, there is an absolute decrease in the number of toxic materials in the body. This cuts down the multitude of fat cells that are needed to sequester all the toxic substances and your organs start to get rid of them. This sequence of events aids in weight loss and if you find yourself a couple of kilograms lighter than before, you will know that your regime is working.

Decrease in Blood Pressure

Almost everyone is now suffering from blood pressure and the presence of toxins in your system can have an adverse effect on your blood pressure level. Metals like lead are your worst enemy and flushing it out of your system is necessary. By following a detox regime, you are cutting out such toxicity which can lower your blood pressure significantly, helping you lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Improvement in Mental State

There is a lot of evidence that suggests that detoxification can flush out toxic substances and this can relax your brain and nervous system. A healthy diet can give you all the nutrients to help you feel calm and think more clearly. An improved mental state means that you avoid the brain fog that reduces a person's ability to excel at work and enjoy his personal time.

Decreased Sickness

Toxic load is a major threat to your body's immune system and this is why following a good diet regime is essential. If you notice a decrease in the frequency of you falling sick, you can come to the conclusion that your detox is going well.

Long and Healthy Life

Maintaining a healthy diet and regime is a lifetime commitment and when you maintain this commitment, you are less likely to suffer from any major diseases or lifestyle issues. There are many diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and sclerosis that affect people in old age and you can avoid that by following a detox protocol. This will bring a positive effect in all aspects of your life.


5. Liver Detox Side Effects

There can be certain side effects that may occur once you opt-in for a detox. This may happen because the body may take time to adapt to the changes accelerated. Thus, it is expected to experience certain side effects during the start or if carried out excessively. Here are some signs and symptoms you may experience as a liver detox side effect:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea

There are chances that one can experience liver detox skin side effects i.e. swelling, rashes, etc. In the case of this, it is advisable to visit the doctor. Overall, it is important to consume water while going in for a liver cleanse. In fact, consuming enough water on a daily basis is a cleanse in itself. 

6. Conclusion

A  healthy kidney  and liver seldom need a proper detox regime but it is very difficult to know whether your liver is in good health or not.
Therefore, lending a helping hand to your body's mechanisms will do wonders. You can choose health over harm as our body is our individual responsibility. Consuming minimally processed, anti-oxidant-rich foods will not only keep you in ample health but also help you lead a better life.

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(opt for a healthier lifestyle)


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