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Best Way To Increase Fertility Naturally

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Best Way To Increase Fertility Naturally

Most urban women choose to follow their dreams, and have a strong conviction to be career-oriented.  In the pursuit of their dreams, they often defer settling down to have a family life. In the hurry to grow leaps and bound at the workplace, and reach the top of the hierarchy, they postpone life-defining role of motherhood till their thirties.  Unfortunately, you find a spurt in the decline of fertility rates across the globe. 

Common causes for declining fertility rate

Researcher’s observation states that there is a remarkable decline in global fertility rate.   It is also highly frustrating for couples who are trying to conceive.  So, why are women having fewer children?  

  • Urbanization, career growth, and lifestyle choices are some of the main contributors that impact the decline in fertility.
  • Sadly, poor diet can be a catastrophe for female ovulation.
  • Higher education of females plays a crucial role in lowering the rate of fertility.
  • Consequence of delayed family planning again lead to fall in rate of women giving birth.
  • Easy access to safe and reliable contraceptive and increased knowledge of sexual health education has adversely impacted fertility rate.
Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy_Teatoxlife

     Solution To The Problem of Declining Rate of Fertility


    One should not curb women’s education or their aspiration for career growth to find a solution to the problem of declining rate of fertility.  Suppressing professional potentials of women should never be the answer to solving any type of problem.    However, to increase the rate of fertility, it is important to change your lifestyle to a healthy one.  If you want to know how to increase fertility, here are some ways that may guide you.

    • For starters, you and your spouse can pay a visit to the doctor for a complete checkup to rule out any unknown health issues that may be acting as a barrier between you and your baby.


    • If you have been taking birth control pills, then you must stop it right away.  It would be best to replace it with folic acid and prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant.


    • You can work towards attaining healthy weight in proportion to your height. It would not be a bad idea to pay more attention to what you eat and drink.


    • You can learn to relax with the help of soothing melodies or yoga asanas. It would also be best to quit smoking and completely stop the intake of alcohol.

    In addition to the above suggestions, you may also have to give up caffeinated beverages or limit them to not more than 200 mg per day. You can consult your fertility specialist regarding fertility supplement, that can increase your chance of becoming a parent.

    The last resort of getting pregnant can be through artificial means such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or In-Virto-Fertilization (IVF).


    How To Increase Fertility The Natural Way


    Nature has innate power to create life.  So, when technology fails, allow nature to take its course. Earth has abundance of natural extract that heals the body, soul, and mind. One such natural extract are herbal tea.

    Everyone knows that tea is one of the most popular hot beverages around the globe, but did you know that it can stimulate fertility also.   Tea made from fresh tea leaves is a healthy cup of B vitamins and natural folic acid that are recommended by fertility specialists.   Apart from that, fresh tea leaves bag is filled with magnesium and antioxidants, such as polyphenols.  Some claim that polyphenols have a positive effect on fertility and ovulation.   

    You can comfortably have two cups of fertility tea daily.   Since herbs do not have any side-effects, herbal fertility tea will not pose any threat to your possibility of becoming pregnant.

    Fertility blend such as a red raspberry leaf, green tea, chasteberry, lady’s mantle, and Nettle leaf has the power to promote fertility.   These fertility teas double your odds of conception.   They are flavorful morning cups packed with an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals.  Moreover, their antioxidant properties can help in detoxification of impurities in your body.

    The herbal ingredients present in the fertility blend will restore hormonal balance, strengthen the uterus muscles, regulates menstruation cycle, and support reproductive health.  You can not only enjoy your morning cuppa but also take a step forward to boost your fertility.

    Teatox Life USA offers 2 fertility specific products for women and 1 blend for men. If you and your partner have a hectic lifestyle, our teas may help you a lot in planning your family.

    Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend for Fertility and Pregnancy                   Male fertility tea


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