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3 Types of Teas That Can Help You Overcome Bloating

By :Bharath Balki 0 comments
3 Types of Teas That Can Help You Overcome Bloating

Bloating: a problem like this may not seem so severe at first for many people, but it can definitely get in the way of living comfortably and moving as freely as possible.

What causes bloating?

Generally, it can be caused by a variety of reasons that each have their own ins-and-outs. Contrary to popular belief, the problem is not caused by water but by eating as it causes gas buildup in the stomach area, leading to puffiness, flatulence, and sluggishness that are commonly associated with the condition.

In most cases, the stomach ends up taking in too much air because of over-eating and creates the distinct bloat of the condition. Alternatively, it can also be caused by an over-consumption of carbonated drinks, eating too quickly, or having too much fiber.

How you can overcome it with one cure

For decades, health buffs and scientists have thrown potential cures back and forth that range from quick-relief medicines to meditation and mixtures. Among all the different ways that you can solve the problem, there’s one surefire way to remedy it without going through a bad experience or spending a fortune: drinking tea.

If you are experiencing bloating, here are three types of teas you should drink to cut out the discomfort, burping, gas, and swelling immediately:

1. Hibiscus Tea

As the counteraction to the primary triggers of bloating itself, hibiscus tea helps provide the body with the necessary nutrients and components.

The extract used for this particular tea has been shown to regulate the amount of aldosterone that the body produces, preventing the body from holding onto excess water and sodium. Also, hibiscus tea works as a tremendous anti-bloating supplement because it’s a superior diuretic that makes sure everything is appropriately excreted!

2. Ginger Tea

Aside from being a be-all, end-all cure for nausea, ginger tea is another option way to manage the symptoms and causes of bloating with a single cup.

Ginger has been shown to contain a spicy rhizome, which is an effective weapon against various symptoms of indigestion, including bloating. By using fresh ginger and brewing it in a teapot, you can flush out any underlying problems in no time and get back to being the leanest and cleanest as you were before!

3. Chamomile Tea

In the world of natural drinks and teas, chamomile is held as the favorite of many because of its profound effects on promoting sleep and one’s overall well-being. However, many don’t know that it is that it’s also an excellent cure for bloating. Thanks to the flavonoids and terpenoids that make up the natural structure of the chamomile plant, just a few cups will significantly help in removing any existing gastrointestinal disturbances!


Instead of troubling yourself with medicines or ineffective tolerance, having a proper cup of tea can quickly work wonders on any bloating situation you may have and smoothen it out quickly. With the help of the three types of tea mentioned above, you’ll quickly see a tremendous improvement in your condition and treat your body to even more benefits at the same time!

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