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3 Types of Tea to Drink to Maintain Healthier Kidneys

By :Bharath Balki 0 comments
3 Types of Tea to Drink to Maintain Healthier Kidneys

Among all the different parts of the body that often get overworked, none experience a tougher beating than your kidneys, which is why it’s vital to protect them.

Primarily tasked with keeping your body in check, the kidneys are imparted with a set of crucial roles that are essential for living healthily and comfortably. As small as they may seem, these vital organs located on both sides of the body below the ribs fulfill more responsibilities because of certain functions, such as:

  • Balancing electrolytes in the body to keep the muscles in perfect shape while maintaining optimal heart function
  • Clearing out excess waste in the body through urination
  • Creating Vitamin D and Erythropoietin (for the stimulation of red blood cell production in the bone marrow) 

Given the set of essential functions that they’re responsible for, it’s clear that keeping these bean-shaped organs in good health is an absolute necessity.

The task of kidney health maintenance 

When it comes to keeping them in perfect shape, your kidneys don’t need the most meticulous care possible as drinking lots of water, following a well-balanced diet, not holding your urine, and frequently exercising all suffice. 

While keeping these organs in check may be a relatively direct effort, there’s no reason not to further improve your efforts and go the extra mile. Generally, there’s a wide range of different ways that you can achieve optimal endocrinal health, but did you know that drinking certain types of tea works for amazing results as well?

Can drinking tea keep your kidneys in shape? 

Aside from keeping the body hydrated (which is essential for proper kidney function), drinking tea keeps the kidney stones farther away than you’d expect. Besides water, certain options of tea flowers also contain various components that work wonders in ensuring that your organs get their steady supply of nutrients to support consistent and healthy functioning.

If you’re looking for a more enjoyable way to help support your kidneys and keep them iron-clad in the long run, here are three types of teas that you should put in your drink rotation:

1. Hydrangea Tea

While most people know it as a landscaping staple thanks to its assortment of pink, lavender, white, and blue flowers, Hydrangea packs a wide range of benefits that your kidneys can benefit from. According to a study, researchers found that Hydrangea paniculate extracts that were taken for three days gave a protective effect against kidney damage that was attributed to its antioxidant capabilities!

2. Stinging Nettle Tea

With its longstanding presence in traditional herbal medicine, the Stinging Nettle can significantly improve kidney function when consumed in tea form because of its oxidative functions! By taking this tea regularly, you can increase your body’s antioxidant supply and reduce inflammation for improved health. 

3. Sambong Tea

Commonly found in tropical climates, Sambong (or balsamifera) has been speculated by scientists as a potential cure to kidney stones. When taken as an extract, this tropical shrub decreased the size of calcium oxalate crystals, which is the component that builds kidney stones!


While it may not seem interconnected with your organ health at first, your daily cup of tea can help protect your kidneys and save you lots of pain and cut out a significant amount of hospital bills. Whether you’re into Hydrangea, Stinging Nettle, or Sambong tea, regularly drinking these options will keep your kidneys in great health without the need for intensive medicine!

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