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3 Things You Can Expect to Happen to Your Bowel Movements While on a Cleanse

By :Bharath Balki 0 comments
3 Things You Can Expect to Happen to Your Bowel Movements While on a Cleanse

Are you planning to turn your unhealthy lifestyle around and revitalize your overall health and well-being? If you haven’t considered detoxifying your body yet, then we highly recommend that you do so. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, detoxifying is a process of getting rid of the unhealthy substances inside your body. This can be done either by avoiding any health-harming food items or by eating a diet specifically for detoxing the body. 

However, detoxing comes with some side effects—though none of them are negative! If you’re currently on a detox cleanse, here’s what you can expect to happen to your bowel movements:

1. Your stool and pee might change color

Usually, your poop comes in different shades of brown. However, when you start your detox, you might find that your stool has changed color. The color will be dependent on the diet you are on.  

For instance, if you find that your poop is green, you are either eating a lot of greens, or you might be experiencing a type of diarrhea in which food items are not appropriately digested. Other colors your stool can be are red, yellow, and even black, depending on the food you eat and the conditions you might be going through. 

Pee can also change color. If it were previously saturated with yellow or brown, your new diet could make it much paler or transparent. This is a good thing, as it means that you’re adequately hydrated and taking in plenty of water that your body needs to operate efficiently.

2. You’ll no longer experience constipation

If your detox diet consists mainly of fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits, you will find that your bowel movements are faster and more frequent. This is because of the fiber you’re consuming. At the same time, when you eat fruits and veggies, you also tend to take in a lot more water, which also helps aid your bowel movements.

Detoxing is great if you are dealing with constipation regularly, however, you don’t have to go into a full detox diet to deal with constipation. Including more vegetables and fruits into your meal may be enough to loosen your stool.

3. You might head to the restroom a lot more

Sometimes, you might find yourself on the toilet seat more often than you are used to. This, of course, will depend on your previous lifestyle. 

For example, if you previously ate plenty of protein-packed or processed food, you probably found yourself going to the bathroom less frequently. However, once you start a detox diet packed with fiber, you will find that your bowel movements occur much more regularly. Fortunately, this is a good thing, as it means your system is becoming much more efficient at disposing of the waste and toxins that have accumulated in your body. 


While these are the general things you can expect to happen to your bowel movements during your detoxifying process, the extent to which these signs and symptoms happen will depend on many factors, such as the type of detox you're going through and what your previous lifestyle was. However, know that everyone can benefit from the detoxification process, as it will help your body slowly flush out toxins and harmful substances, replacing these with healthier nutrients. 

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