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Liver Detox - 8 call signs to watch for

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Liver Detox - 8 call signs to watch for
The liver is the second largest organ in the body and by itself helps to detox the body (like the kidneys and the skin) of the accumulated poisons. Toxins come in all forms: pollutants in the air, chemicals from our food and cosmetics, chemically treated or sometimes contaminated water, etc. This causes the detoxifying organs themselves to be overburdened and stressed.

Read on to find out 8 alarm signals that your body would send out telling you that you need a liver detox soon.

Frequent abdominal bloating

Gas and bloating in the abdomen that may cause frequent abdominal cramps can be an early signal that your liver needs a detox.

✔ Skin changes

Itchy or blotchy skin, the sudden appearance of dark patches in the skin, dry patches, dark patches/spots (also called liver spots) on the skin may be indications that the skin is not able to release its toxins efficiently. The skin would definitely do better with a liver detox in this case.

✔ High cholesterol levels

The liver is the primary organ in the body that is responsible for the production of cholesterol. The inability of the body to regulate fat in the body can cause a rise in LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your body signaling the need for liver detox.

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✔ Mental fog

Toxin buildup in the blood can occur when the liver is unable to filter poisons effectively. It may happen that eventually these toxins travel to the brain and give rise to a condition called hepatic encephalopathy. This gives rise to symptoms such as confusion, not being able to remember certain things and difficulty in making decisions. Continued inability to focus on tasks and rising mental fog surely indicates that a liver detox needs to be done.

✔ Unexplained weight gain

A liver that is not functioning optimally is unable to metabolize fat in the body. This shows up as a sudden increase in weight gain and fat builds up in the body especially around the abdomen. Visceral fat also increases. The sudden appearance of rolls of fat around the tummy may be an indication to clean up the liver.

✔ Mood swings and depression

When the toxins make their way to the brain, they affect your mood in addition to affecting your memory. Unexplained frequent mood swings, depression, and anxiety can all be due to the fact that your liver needs to be cleaned soon. Toxin buildup in the bowels and the liver itself can cause depression.

✔ Yellowed skin

If your skin takes on a yellow hue or there are a sudden appearance fatty yellow lumps around the eyes, it may be that your liver is clogged up with unhealthy toxins and is not able to effectively screen them out. When the liver becomes clogged with unhealthy fat, it eventually leads to a condition called fatty liver that can give rise to many further complications.

✔ Fatigue

If you frequently experience fatigue which is not relieved by extra sleep, and you are tired during the morning times, then it is a good idea to subject yourself to liver detox. Chronic tiredness occurs when your body is stressed by working hard to remove the built-up toxins from the body.

The ideal liver detox program is one that helps you transition your lifestyle to healthy and natural. Our liver detox tea contains 100% natural and organic roots and ingredients that do wonders to support your liver. Combine it with a healthy diet, some work out and plenty of fluids and you are already on your way to a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to fill your regular diet with adequate servings of green leafy and chlorophyll- abundant vegetables.

Addition of carrots, squash, spinach, broccoli, plantains, berries, parsley, and onions among others serve to increase many flavonoids and carotenoids help to flush out toxins from your liver. Remove processed foods, sweetened beverages, excess meat, bread and dairy from your diet to make your liver detox-at-home to become more effective. It is also good to do a periodic liver detox to maintain good health.
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