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Why You Should Drink Energy Tea Instead of Coffee

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
Why You Should Drink Energy Tea Instead of Coffee

A mistake a lot of people do is to drink several cups of coffee daily to get the energy they need to keep moving. Studies show that drinking extreme amounts of coffee can make you feel less energized and more fatigued the next day. Since drinking coffee can carry over your fatigue to the next day, it will just make you want to drink more cups of coffee, making you crash again.

If you’re one of those people who need to recalibrate their caffeine routine to feel more energized, then a tea detox is for you. When do you need a tea detox?

You need to start detoxing when you’re feeling fatigued, drinking more caffeine than usual, you’re physically feeling symptoms like eye-twitching, and you’re not getting enough rest and sleep. If you’ve checked all of those points, then it’s time to find the best tea for detox and bloating. Below are some benefits of making the switch to tea:

Flavors of Tea Aren’t So Loud

Some people find the bitter taste of coffee a bit overwhelming, that’s why they resort to adding more dairy and sugar to balance its flavors. With tea, since the flavors come from delicate leaves and flowers, each sip is very light and easy on the palate, making it the choice for both comfort and energy.

You Get a Different Buzz from Coffee

Energy tea can give you a better caffeine kick than coffee. Coffee usually gives the drinker palpitations and jitters, while tea calms the muscles and makes breathing easier. Tea doesn’t only have caffeine but has other stimulants like L-theanine too. This amino acid produces brain waves called alpha waves that give the drinker a calmer but alert buzz. When you put L-theanine and caffeine together it will increase productivity by improving your attention and brain function.

Tea Is Great for Your Well-Being

There are a lot of benefits of switching coffee to tea, one of which is that it’s good for your wellness. Because of its calming properties, it promotes stress and anxiety relief. It also provides gas and bloating relief, lowers cholesterol, and helps with digestion and bloating. 

Tea Is More Affordable

Because several tea variants are accessible, you can make a better and affordable cup of coffee at home. Making tea for yourself in the morning promotes better metabolism and mental space because of its calming properties. You can even add lemon or honey to your cup of tea in the morning to promote better detox and give your tea a balanced flavor.


If you’re thinking of making the big switch to tea from coffee, you’ll need to detox from coffee for a week and then find the best energy tea for you. One of the most important benefits of tea is that it can give you the same energy coffee does but without crashing and carrying over your fatigue the next day. It’s great to consider having a cup of tea in the morning to set your mood right and get your metabolism going without the jitters.

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