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When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

Many people love drinking tea as it can provide multiple benefits, but of all the names out there in the market, green tea remains the most well-loved and healthiest option across the world. It’s a wonder herb that can help improve multiple functions - be it acting as a delicious pick-me-up for weight-watchers, a soothing yet energizing boost in lieu of coffee, or even fighting certain diseases. 

With green tea’s wealth of health-boosting properties, it’s easy to think that it’s the kind of beverage that anyone can indulge in anytime. However, drinking it at the wrong time can actually reduce the amazing benefits of green tea. Let’s discover the best schedule to sit down for a drink so you can beat the clock when you’re in the mood to brew: 

Tip #1: Drink Tea Before and After Meals 

Green tea can do wonders in aiding your digestion, but drinking it on an empty stomach can trigger the production of gastric acid, which can do the exact opposite of its potential. With that in mind, it’s important to indulge in this iconic, healthy drink before and after meals. 

Drinking green tea after meals, in particular, can be handy in your weight loss management as the herb’s alkaline properties can speed up the break down of fat in your food. Drinking it before, on the other hand, improves your iron absorption, especially genmaicha teas. 

Tip #2: Drink Tea Two Hours Before Bedtime 

Green tea is packed with caffeine, so people who are especially sensitive to caffeine may want to avoid drinking green tea before bedtime. However, it can be beneficial for those who are aiming to lose weight since the herbal drink has properties that can help burn fat as you rest for the rest of the night. 

For tea lovers who are easily woken up by caffeine, you can choose low-caffeine green tea like genmaicha to help ease your mind and prep you for a good night’s sleep. 

Tip #3: Drink Tea Before Your Workout Routine 

As mentioned above, green tea has caffeine, which means it can be just as effective in delivering a much-needed energy boost before starting your workout routine. Not only will it power you up, but it can also enhance your mental clarity and improve your performance. 

Matcha green tea contains 70 to 100 milligrams of caffeine, making it one of the best choices to pump you up for your exercise and improve your endurance. 

The Bottom Line: Indulging in Green Tea to Bring You Comfort Any Time of the Day 

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