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Understanding the Health Benefits of Burdock Root Tea

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
Understanding the Health Benefits of Burdock Root Tea

Burdock tea is a type of herbal tea that is made from the roots of the burdock plant. It is a staple in Chinese herbal medicine and is believed to improve your immune system, lower blood pressure, help liver recovery, and even prevent or treat cancer. It has also been shown to help with the health of hair. 

If you remain unconvinced, however, we are here to change your mind. In this article, we will share more insights about what burdock tea is and how it works to benefit the body. 

What is burdock?

It naturally grows in the wild, and you have more than likely encountered it if you’ve spent time outdoors. Burdock is that round, thorny seed that sticks to your clothes and shoes. It is also the plant that reportedly inspired the invention of the velcro.

The plant (Arctium lappa) falls under the Asteraceae family, which is closely related to daisies and sunflowers. It is commonly found around the world, with many cultures cultivating it for its medicinal properties.

Other than tea, burdock root can be consumed a number of ways – it can be eaten raw as a vegetable, cooked in stews, soups, and other dishes. The oils from the root can also be extracted, and it can come in powdered form as well. It is known for its earthy, sweet flavor and is a known ingredient in many detoxifying tea recipes. 

What are its health benefits?

Burdock root is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can result in the following health benefits:

  • Cancer prevention and treatment. A 2011 study found that burdock is rich in antioxidants known as quercetin and luteolin, which have been shown to prevent cancer cells from forming and reproducing. This same study showed the great promise of the plant root in the prevention of certain types of cancer as well. 
  • Better liver health. Another study conducted in 2002 showed that the herb can reverse liver damage from alcoholism, based on experiments conducted on rats. 
  • Soothing flu-like symptoms. Coughs, colds, and aches and pains from various reasons have been shown to be treatable with chemicals found in burdock root. Its richness in vitamin C can boost the immune response to such illnesses. Not only that, but it can also lower inflammation in certain parts of the body.
  • Reversal of aging. The chemicals in the root not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also improve hair and scalp health, giving you a more youthful appearance. 
  • Lowering blood pressure and improving motion. Burdock root is rich in potassium, which lowers blood pressure and improves stimulation. Potassium is also an essential aspect of muscle motion; as such, it can be used to relieve muscle pains. 

  • Conclusion

    With sufficient exercise, the right diet, and the right supplements, you can expect to live a longer and more meaningful life. Detoxifying teas like burdock root can help your body in so many ways, from the prevention of fatal diseases to recovery from various illnesses. Yet, not only can it make you live longer, but it can also make you look younger—with healthier hair and fewer wrinkles. 

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