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Tea Time: How Drinking Tea Can Help Mitigate Heart Disease and Stroke

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
Tea Time: How Drinking Tea Can Help Mitigate Heart Disease and Stroke

Coffee is the go-to choice for those who want a morning pick-me-up, but drinking tea offers just as much energy boost. In addition to jump-starting your day with a relaxing treat, tea also comes with a wealth of benefits that can improve your well-being in multiple ways. A cup of green tea a day, for instance, proves to be the secret to keeping the doctor away. 

According to the research done by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, people that indulge in drinking tea from three or more times a week have shown significant improvement in cardiovascular health. While it doesn’t necessarily cure heart disease, it’s a healthy addition to your regimen that can effectively lower your risk of developing one. 

What Makes Tea a Powerful Drink that Prevents Heart Disease and Stroke? 

After further studies, experts found that both black and green tea is rich in polyphenols, which is an organic chemical that are often derived from plants. It’s responsible for giving plants its scent, but it can also be a key ingredient that enhances various functions in the body - such as improving your blood vessels. 

This leads to an increase in good cholesterol, which creates a protective layer that keeps a healthy heart. Keep in mind that polyphenols don’t stay in the body for too long, so drinking tea frequently should boost your chances of reaping the benefits of this compound. 

Green Tea as the Better Choice for Your Heart 

Green and black tea are known to have the most polyphenols content, but the differences in the amount are high. Avid fans of green tea tend to benefit the most as green tea leaves follow a process that preserves the natural polyphenols. Not to mention, it also packs a more potent level of antioxidants compared to black tea. 

Black tea, on the other hand, tends to break down polyphenols during the fermentation process, resulting in a more diluted potency. That’s why green tea proves to be a more superior choice as it combines polyphenols and other antioxidants that can prevent inflammation from your arterial walls. 

In addition to lowering the inflammation surrounding the bloodstream and reducing cholesterol, green tea can also reduce the plaque buildup in your arteries. All in all, it’s an excellent drink that can strengthen your heart health. 

The Bottom Line: Drinking Teas that are Delicious and Good For the Heart

People craving for healthier drinks can indulge in tea, which provides more benefits that can enrich your routine compared to sugary drinks. Of course, there are other herbal teas that can pack as much health-boosting punch as you would expect in green tea. 

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