Liver Cleansing Food: Top 7 Foods to Avoid During Your Cleanse

The liver is one of the critical organs in our body and performs a wide range of functions. It is the largest internal organ that is also responsible for neutralizing toxins and detoxification. Today you will get tons of products in the market that advertise to a liver cleanser. But most of us are not aware that sometimes these products may do more harm than good. Some of them also contain toxins that can further damage the liver. You are most likely to waste your money by investing in such products. The best way to cleanse your liver is naturally. A lot of people go through the damaged liver and liver-related problems. Having a damaged liver can disrupt a lot of your primary bodily functions. Cleansing is a way to purify your liver and perform detoxification.  

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Detox is a common word floating around in social media these days. You must have heard of this term from many celebrities and successful people. It essentially means cleansing your body of toxins. Some of them also recommend liver cleansing supplements that may work for some of us but can be harmful simultaneously, as mentioned earlier. The best way to go about is to use natural herbs, tea, juices, and other natural cleansers. One more aspect often ignored is that you need to avoid certain food items during your cleansing period for a quick result. In this article, we will look at seven such products and why you should avoid them?


How to Cleanse Your Liver?

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Liver cleansing is not a necessity as the common myth tells us otherwise. We have toxins all around us; however, our liver is equipped to filter out most of them and keep us healthy. However, if you want your liver to be healthy and adequately functioning, you can benefit from a timely liver cleansing. The recommended way is to change your everyday lifestyle and incorporate more natural food such as tea, juices, fruits, etc. Plants such as milk thistle, turmeric, and burdock are among the best natural detoxifiers of the liver. You will find that natural food is the best cleanser for the liver. Add food from these categories into your regular diet and drink lots of water every day. Water is also supposed to be the cleanser for the liver. Now let us look at the foods that you need to avoid while cleansing.


Top 7 Foods You Need to Avoid

Simply eating healthy and changing your diet won’t do the trick. You will need to take precautions and avoid foods that can disrupt your cleansing and affect the liver. Here we have compiled the list of the top 7 foods that you need to avoid during cleansing.

1. Alcohol

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Alcohol tops our list because it is consumed regularly by a massive population. Also, it is one of the main reasons for liver damage in a vast number of cases. There are tons of cases daily where people have damaged their liver due to excessive alcohol drinking. During your cleansing period avoiding alcohol is just as it can negatively impact and further reduce your liver health.

2. Food With High-Fat Content

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Fatty foods or foods with a high quantity of trans fat must be avoided during the entire cleansing period. Many foods contain high quantities of fat such as baked goods, pie crust, frosting, non-dairy creamer, and many more. Although trans fat has nutritional benefits, it can be harmful during the liver cleansing period.

3. Foods Containing Chemicals

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A lot of food products contain chemical preservatives for longer life, texture, and even taste. These chemicals can be quite harmful to your liver, especially during the cleansing period since the entire procedure will be affected. Nowadays, some fruits are also preserved with chemicals. Always wash your ingredients or fruits or vegetables properly to get rid of any chemicals. Moreover, refined oils also contain chemicals that can be damaging.

4. Artificial Sweeteners

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There are a ton of food products that contain artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your liver. Manufacturers use these sweeteners to provide the extra bit of sweet taste in your food. They contain chemicals that enter your body and create a variety of toxins. Avoiding foods containing artificial sweeteners is recommended, at least during the cleansing period. If you want the sweet taste, then go with honey or natural sweeteners.

5. Dairy Products 

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You might not know this, but dairy products such as milk and cheese are hard to digest; hence, the liver needs to create more acids in the body, causing acidity. The acids created to digest these products also harm the liver's cell function and affect the overall cleansing process. Try to minimize these products as much as you can not to slow down the detox.

6. Spicy and Salty Foods

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Foods containing high amounts of spices or salts are also harmful to the liver and can quickly slow down your cleansing period. They can introduce digestive problems, increased blood pressure, and sometimes even fatty liver. In some cases, the liver can also receive irreparable damage. Check the sodium levels in the salt and minimize eating spices.

7. High level of sweet

 Avoid Excessive Sugar

Drinks and foods that contain excessive sweets can also affect your digestive system. They can increase the fat build-up in the liver, which is hard to digest. Try to minimize food products with excessive sweets and try to use refined sugar products. 


Liver cleansing is a delicate process, and you need to avoid the foods mentioned in this article to avoid any further damage to the liver. If you manage to minimize the consumption of these food products, then your overall cleansing process will be much faster. A little bit of precaution can help you cleanse the liver quickly and effectively.

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