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How Does Milk Thistle Help in Detoxifying Your Liver?

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
How Does Milk Thistle Help in Detoxifying Your Liver?

People face different toxins from the environment and lifestyles. Whether it's your surroundings or diet, contaminants that can enter your body are always present. Unfortunately, as you grow older, your body becomes weaker in filtering out these harmful substances. That’s why finding natural remedies for detoxification has become a necessary part of staying healthy.

Many natural ingredients in the market aim to provide an organic solution to detoxification. However, not many have as much history and health benefits as milk thistle. It’s also known as the holy thistle, and it contains cleansing properties that many consider as a miraculous remedy across generations.

Where do milk thistles come from?

Milk thistle, or Silybum marianum, has a colorful history. According to myths, a dewdrop of breast milk from the Virgin Mary is responsible for the white bands on its leaves. The natural home of milk thistle is in the Mediterranean, where it sprouts from brushes on rocky slopes. The entire plant is edible, from its roots to its leaves.

What does milk thistle contain?

The plant contains silymarin, which is formed by raw flavonolignans that have an antioxidant effect. Several studies point to silymarin as an active compound that blocks toxins in the cells, combats free radicals, and reduces fibrosis occurrence. These health benefits make milk thistle potentially advantageous in promoting better liver health. Although generally a safe, natural remedy, some experts believe that there may be issues when used while pregnant.

What can I use milk thistle for?

Milk thistle can help alleviate various complications to your liver, ranging from healing alcoholic liver diseases, hepatitis, and even liver cancer. However, more studies are needed to prove milk thistle's healing properties. Likewise, there are still no definitive studies on the exact amount of its compound that you should take before experiencing significant improvements.

Does milk thistle affect my other organs?

Besides improving your liver's health, milk thistle is also useful in improving other organs in the body. In a cold-pressed form, its seeds produce an oil abundant in linoleic acid. It's an omega-6 fatty acid that's good for the development of your heart and brain. It promotes skin and hair growth and regulates metabolism. Additionally, the oil contains plenty of vitamin E that strengthens your immune system.

Milk thistle's effects on the brain help treat cognitive diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Silymarin's anti-inflammatory properties combine with its other compounds to protect it from damage and deterioration due to aging. Studies on animal subjects reveal that silymarin slows down the oxidative harm that it endures from these illnesses.


Many people need to adapt to natural solutions for their conditions. As your body gets older, it won't be strong enough to handle heavy prescription medications, which can cause complications to your liver and kidneys. Because of that, you need to be open to using organic ingredients to aid in detoxing the free radicals in your body. Milk thistle is just one of the many alternative solutions in the market that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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