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Farewell, Constipation: 4 Herbal Teas for Good Digestion

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
Farewell, Constipation: 4 Herbal Teas for Good Digestion

Constipation can be annoying and tricky to deal with. If you have bowel movements fewer than three times a week, you may be constipated and can feel gassy and bloated. If you do pass your stool, you may find it challenging because of its more solid consistency. Others can even feel constipated if they don’t have their daily bowel movement. It’s a digestive problem that’s all too common

Fortunately, problems with your digestion can be eased by a common beverage that’s been helping us for centuries: tea! Some teas can have either direct or indirect effects that can help with your digestion and reduce constipation, so it’s common to hear about people using tea to help with digestion and bloating.

How can tea aid with digestion?

Hydration is a huge component for healthy digestion, and improper hydration is a typical cause of constipation. Warm liquids, such as tea, can help your body stay hydrated, stimulate your digestive processes, and make your stools softer and easier to pass.

Another common cause of digestive problems is stress, so it only makes sense that people drink herbal teas to help them relax and reduce stress. If your body is relaxed and stress-free, it’s much easier for your body to go into a “rest and digest” mode, making it easier for your digestive system to work properly.

As you look for a great constipation relief tea, you might want to consider getting these types of tea that are guaranteed to help with your digestion:

1 - Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties that can help with stomach acidity. It also helps your digestive juices to flow more easily, which helps in breaking down your food. This means that your food has an easier time passing through the intestines.

Peppermint tea also helps in relieving a number of digestive problems, including upset stomachs, heartburns, gas buildup, and bloating.

2 - Senna Tea

Senna is a popular laxative tea that stimulates the digestive tract and helps you pass your stool much more easily. This herbal tea is highly effective in increasing fluids in the intestines and softening your stool, providing you great relief from constipation.

3 - Green Tea

Green tea naturally contains caffeine, which has a laxative effect and can help speed up bowel movements but may not be great for caffeine-sensitive people. 

Green tea is a great digestive aid and can also soothe the stomach. It’s great in reducing inflammation brought by gastrointestinal problems. Green tea also helps with bloating by allowing you to pass gas more easily. 

4 - Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is effective in improving digestion reducing symptoms of bowel irritation. It’s great for drinking after heavy meals because it helps you absorb food more efficiently, and it also helps with bloating and stomach acidity. 

For the squeamish, drinking ginger tea before you travel can also reduce symptoms of nausea and motion sickness. As an added bonus, this tea also contains lots of antioxidants and provides a boost in your immunity.

The Takeaway

Constipation is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, and it could affect many aspects of your daily life. The feeling can sometimes be heavy, which could lead to stomach aches and cramps. Luckily, constipation relief comes in the form of a seemingly subtle hero—tea! Just choose the best one that suits your tastes, and you’ll find your digestive system flowing to the best of its abilities. 

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