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Beating the Bloat: 3 Natural Ways to Keep Your Period Stress-Free

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
Beating the Bloat: 3 Natural Ways to Keep Your Period Stress-Free

Although coming with varying needs, women’s bodies have perhaps been designed to withstand pain and discomfort. The most compelling of evidence lies in their menstrual cycles, where women are subjected to discomforts before and after the cycle, and one of the most unpleasant occurrences is bloating.

Here, your stomach grows swollen and firm to the touch, which then leads you to feel miserable all around. Then the cramps start, making the experience twice as abominable. Mood changes and intense food cravings ensue, making the entire cycle completely formidable. 

Period bloat is quite normal, unfortunately, as it happens due to hormonal changes that lead to water retention. Whatever the cause may be, managing those PMS bloating symptoms is key to experiencing a manageable period cycle. With a little extra focus on your health and consumption, you’ll be bidding beating the bloat through these tips: 

1 - Don’t stop working out

While working out may be the last thing on your mind as you cradle your bloated stomach, experts postulate that getting your body moving is the best way to alleviate the period blues. Your bloating usually begins two days before your period, and if you live in a more sedentary lifestyle, you’ll likely be experiencing the full-blast of bloating due to a rather sluggish metabolism.

If you sweat it out, however, your digestive system will stay regular and reduce the trapping of gas and constipation. Word of caution: stay light on the exercise. Yoga and swimming are the best ways to go, as high-intensity workouts will likely worsen the situation and the bloating sensation. 

2 - Check sugary and carbonated beverages off your list 

Your intense craving for everything sugar will be overwhelming. While chugging on iced lattes, canned sodas, and other drinks may make you feel better, understand that the effects will only be temporary—the after-effects will be devastating. You’ll further trigger the bloating, causing you to feel more puffed up than ever.

Instead of downing sugar all day, turn to water and a good cup of tea. Tea comes with anti-inflammatory properties and other nutrients needed by your body, which graces your digestive system with the support it needs for gas and bloating relief. 

3 - Stick to protein-rich and potassium-filled meals 

Unfortunately, your choice of meals also plays a crucial role in beating period bloating blues. The idea of stuffing your pantry with candies, cookies, chips, and other goodies may sound like a dream, but it’s best to stick to natural foods, specifically protein and potassium.

Fill your pantry with bananas, asparagus, and tomatoes instead, as with salmon, nuts, and chia. Add more protein into your diet by incorporating fish, chicken, and tofu, paired with natural diuretics like watermelon, lemons, ginger, garlic, and cucumbers. By sticking to a healthy diet, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter and better, ready to tackle on the days despite your period. 

Beat the Bloat With Tea Tox Life

Every woman’s body is different, but the wonders of the period cycle subjects women to the same pain and discomfort—bloating and other PMS symptoms. While lying around all day with pain killers and junk food may be tempting, getting up for a good session of yoga, drinking tea, and coming up with comprehensive meal plans will help you get through the day.

In desperate need to function through your period cycle? For fast bloating relief, Tea Tox Life offers the best tea in the market. With a passion for holistic wellness, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating unique and natural blends designed to help you live your best life. Browse through our products and discover the best of tea!

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