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5 Effective Home Methods to Alleviate Constipation - Our Guide

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
5 Effective Home Methods to Alleviate Constipation - Our Guide

Stomach pains often cause you to be unproductive and even irritable at work, home, and even during a special occasion. Constipation is a stomach illness that affects many people, some more than most. Since it’s a fairly common type of pain, there are numerous medical solutions to alleviating this pain. However, not all solutions have the same effect on different people.

Home remedies for constipation relief

Not everyone is comfortable with taking pills to solve their constipation, as some people are even shown to have allergic reactions to different drugs. Sometimes, the best remedies are found not over the pharmacy’s counter but right across your kitchen cupboard.

In this article, we will share five effective home remedies for treating constipation that you can try:

1. Castor oil

Castor oil’s primary use is as a laxative that helps in stimulating your large and small intestines. To use this remedy effectively, you should take one or two teaspoons with an empty stomach, and its effects will be felt at around eight hours after consumption.

2. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are an excellent home remedy for constipation that can be found and introduced to different meals and diets. It works to moisturize your intestines so that the dry stools will be cleared. Sesame seeds can be added to your cereal, salads, or soups to mix up your meals. You can also pulverize them and sprinkle them on various recipes as a seasoning.

3. Coffee and tea

Coffee is a diuretic that helps in stimulating your colon to speed up your body’s bowel movements. Other hot drinks can also work to achieve the same effect. At the same time, make sure that you keep your water levels up after your bowel movement so that you won’t be at risk of dehydration.

Ginger tea, in particular, is a popular home remedy for constipation, along with other digestive illnesses. Ginger allows a person’s body to generate more heat to speed up sluggish digestion. Having a cup of hot ginger tea will help in soothing your stomach and your nerves from the pain.

4. Healthy fats and dietary fibers

Besides drinking teas to treat constipation, an excellent way to prevent it is by including healthy fats into your diet. Olive oil, avocados, and different nuts contain healthy fats that help in lubricating your intestines to ease constipation. Eating leafy greens with olive oil dressing with a dash of nuts is a healthy alternative to improving both your body’s response to constipation and keeping your body fit.

Dietary fibers such as those found in bran cereals, beans, almonds, and various fruits and vegetables can help your GI tract in moving food along your body. Set a goal of at least 20 to 45 grams of fiber consumed per day to keep your body well-maintained in handling constipation.

5. Regular exercise

The best way to make your body stronger against constipation requires no special ingredient except commitment and dedication. Increased muscle activity, such as regular exercises, can effectively improve your intestines’ inactivity. Make an effort to go for a 15-minute walk after eating to help the food in your bowel move faster in jump-starting your digestive processes.


The key to solving one’s constipation issues is by preventing them in the first place. Having proper eating habits together with the right diet is an excellent way to avoid any incidence of constipation.

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