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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

Homeowners who maintain their yards may find dandelions a threat and an annoyance to their property. What they do not know is that these plants have several redeeming qualities. Certain weeds, such as dandelion, are commonly used in folk medicine even today.

Manufacturers have caught on to this and are now using dandelions to make tea, of which there are two main types. One is extracted from the leaves, and the other from roasted roots. These two are safe to consume as long as they are free of herbicides and pesticidal treatment.

To give you a better idea of the medicinal properties, here are five of the significant potential health benefits of dandelion tea:

Health Benefit #1: It can relieve bloating

According to one study, drinking two cup servings of dandelion tea made from its leaves can provide relief from stomach bloating. The tea acts as a diuretic, helping increase urine output. Diuretics, also known as water pills, are a medication drug that helps increase the amount of water and salt expelled from a person’s body as urine.

Health Benefit #2: It helps promote a healthy liver

In folk medicine, dandelion root is held as a “liver tonic” for its exceptional ability to increase the flow of bile. Bile is an alkaline fluid secreted by that liver that aids digestion. Naturopaths believe that it can detoxify your liver, relieve various skin and eye problems, and other symptoms of liver disease. Additionally, one study from 2017 suggests that the polysaccharide component of dandelion may be helpful to the proper functioning of the liver.

Health Benefit #3: It can soothe digestive ailments

Many anecdotal accounts claim that dandelion tea made of its root can be beneficial to your digestive system. Likewise, it has been historically used for soothing minor digestive ailments and improving appetite. That is why many people believe that it can be an excellent constipation relief tea.

Health Benefit #4: It may prevent urinary tract infections

Dandelion tea made from its roots and leaves, when paired with another herb such as uva ursi, may help prevent urinary tract infections. Many believe that this combination is effective since dandelion can increase urination, and uva ursi has antibacterial compounds.

Health Benefit #5: It could fight cancer cells

Many health scientists have been continually studying the cancer-fighting potential of dandelion root, and they see promising results so far.

In 2011, one Canadian study showed that the root extract of dandelion promotes melanoma cell deaths without damaging non-cancerous cells. Another study found a similar phenomenon with pancreatic cancer cells.


You can turn the dandelions in your yard into a tea by extracting its leaves or roots. Whichever you prefer, they both can provide various health benefits. Dandelion tea can offer great stomach bloating relief, as this can function as a diuretic drug. It can also soothe or prevent several digestive ailments and urinary tract infections. Dandelions also have a polysaccharide component that naturopaths believe can be beneficial to your liver function. As of today, it is currently being studied for its ability to fight cancer cells in the human body.

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