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4 Common Myths About Green Teas and the Truth Behind Them

By :Bhupesh bhandari 0 comments
4 Common Myths About Green Teas and the Truth Behind Them

While we can all agree that green tea can be a tasty and satisfying drink, many myths surround what it does to your body. Some people believe that it can heal just about any disease, while others believe it is just another drink that does nothing more than satisfy thirst.

Nevertheless, being misinformed about the special drink doesn't help in guaranteeing the perfect tea-drinking experience, not to mention the goals you dream of achieving by drinking green tea. 

For that reason, we want to share some of the most common myths regarding green tea and see whether or not they are true.

Myth 1. Green tea does not have caffeine (or has more than one cup of coffee)

There are two sides to this myth. The first group thinks that green tea does not contain any traces of caffeine, while the second group feels that green tea packs more caffeine than coffee. Which group is right? Well, the truth is that green tea does contain caffeine, even the decaf options. That is because the substance is naturally found inside the plant, and how much caffeine a product contains will depend on the manufacturers.

Myth 2. Green tea is automatically unhealthy when sweetener or milk is added

Some people love to add sweeteners to their drinks, whether for coffee or tea. However, the "unhealthy" aspects only apply when one uses processed sugar, such as refined sugar. To maintain a healthy drink, one should opt for natural sweeteners like honey or stevia. As for the milk part, milk contains a protein called Casein, which can reduce the antioxidants' effectiveness inside the drink.  

If you want a healthy green tea drink, avoid putting milk and be careful about what sweeteners you put (or do not put any at all).

Myth 3. Green tea can help people lose weight

Green tea is not going to cause your weight to disappear. However, this does not mean you should throw out green tea away when it comes to losing weight. That is because it can boost your metabolism, which can assist you in your weight-loss journey.

In other words, green tea needs to be paired with a healthy diet and a great exercise program to work. If you were relying solely on green tea to lose weight, prepare to be disappointed.

Myth 4. All green teas are the same drink

No, not all green teas are the same. Each is different, depending on the brand, composition, and other factors. This means that you can find low-quality green teas out there as well as high-quality options that vary in various ways such as taste.


With these myths out of the way, you are now more informed in your decision to drink green tea. While the choice of drinking green tea and the reason behind it will be up to you, what we can safely advise is for you to spend time to choose quality green teas.

That way, you can maximize the proven benefits of green tea and make sure every sip you take is satisfying. After all, there is no point in drinking it if you do not like it!

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